WSOP - Johnny Chan Wins 1987


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VideonameWSOP - Johnny Chan Wins 1987
KategorieFH 1987

"The Master" Johnny Chen wins the 1987 World Series of Poker over Frank Henderson. This video shows the final hand where Henderson pushes all-in with his pocket 4's and Chan calls him with A9.

The flop and turn are great for Henderson, but the river is very unkind.

This was Chan's FIRST WSOP win. It comes the year before he beat Erik Seidel heads up - the clip that is played in the movie "Rounders".

Chan won back to back WSOP's in 1987 and 1988. He almost won a 3-peat in 1989, but finished second to the "Poker Brat" Phil Hellmuth.

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WSOP - Johnny Chan Wins 1987